“Superman is not brave. You can't be brave if you're indestructible. It's every day people, like you and me, that are brave knowing we could easily be defeated but still continue forward.”

The most compelling story of bioptic driving is found in our patients’ own words. These patient stories below help us better understand their amazing spirit, bravery and determination to overcome these obstacles in their life. We can better appreciate the positive impact bioptic driving has had on their lives and the lives of their families. The stories below represent only a small sample of the many bioptic drivers our doctors have worked with over the past 23 years.


Rita B. - Wet Macular Degeneration
Ron K.
- Congenital Cataracts, Nystagmus, and Glaucoma

Michael S.
- Bests Disease
Jason H. - Achromatopsia
Sharon D. - Ocular Histoplasmosis
Don G. -
Stargardt's Disease
Jeff C.
- Achromatopsia

Betsi S.
- Juvenile Macular Dystrophy
Barbara J. - Macular Degeneration
W.K. - Stargardt's Disease

Robin J. -
Plaquenil Maculopathy
Trudy H. - Retinal Dystrophy
Nancy P. - Glaucoma Corneal Epithelial Down Growth Syndrome
Caroline B. - Bests Disease

Bruce R.
- Albinism
Jeremy G. - Retinal Dystrophy
Nina B. - Macular Holes
Stacey L. - Histoplasmosis Maculopathy
Bill V. - Macular Dystrophy
David D. - Albinism
Janet B. - Uveitis & Cystoid Macular Edema
G.T. - Retinoschisis
Ernest G. - Diabetic Retinopathy/Macular Edema
Joe E. - Amblyopic Eye, and Eye Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion
Richard B. - Stargardt's Disease

Adam B.
- Albinism
Edwin G. Retinoschisis
Andrea W. - Albinism
Max M. - Macular Degeneration
Traesha R. - Congenital Cataracts
G.H. - Achromatopsia
Timothy M. - Diabetic Retinopathy
Charlie Taylor - Congenital Cataracts
Collin B. - Achromatopsia
T.S. - Nystagmus
Jackie S. - Myopic Degeneration