Betsi S.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Juvenile Macular Dystrophy

My name is Betsi Sulkin and I’m 52 years old. I have been driving with my bioptics for 24 years. I got my driver’s license at the age of 16. At the age of 19 I noticed a change in my vision. When it was time to renew my license I failed the vision test. The state of Indiana would not give me a driver’s license. I was truly devastated. My parents took me all over the country to find a solution. I was diagnosed with Macular Dystrophy. I was told that there is nothing that could be done for me. I had to rely on my husband and my parents for rides. It was difficult because I had to rely on somebody to do everything from grocery shopping to getting our two small kids to nursery school and other activities.

In 1985 I was told about Dr. Windsor. I didn’t have a driver’s license for 8 years. I made an appointment. I was desperate to try anything.  Dr. Windsor examined me and said I would be a great candidate for a new bioptic system. He arranged   for me to get training on how to drive with bioptic glasses. I was gone for two weeks in South Bend Indiana for training on how to use the bioptic glasses. At the end of this training Dr. Windsor arranged for me to take a BMV driver’s test. I passed the drivers test as well as the eye exam. The state of Indiana gave me a bioptic driver’s license.

Dr. Windsor changed my life. I was finally able to lead a normal life. I could go to the store, take my kids to there appointments, etc. It has been 24 years since I got my license. I haven’t had a ticket or an accident. Dr. Windsor along with the bioptic glasses gave me back my life. Dr. Windsor as well as his staff were great. The whole process of getting my license as well as the care for 24 years has been great. He always puts the patient first and truly is a caring person. The other great thing Dr. Windsor did for me was to set up a bioptic system to give me the ability to be able to watch my kids play sports and watch them participate in many activities. He truly is a miracle worker. He gave me the ability to lead a normal life.