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An Introduction: Driving with Bioptic Glasses


Every day many Americans face the possibility of losing their ability to drive or face the reality that they may never be able to be licensed to drive due to their vision problems. This can have a profound effect on a person’s mobility, employment and ability to live independently.  While vision loss may often be so severe that driving is not an option, some individuals with mild to moderate central vision impairment, but with good peripheral vision may benefit from bioptic driving.

Bioptic driving is a method of driving that utilizes both the patient’s general vision in combination with intermittent spotting through a small telescopic system that improves the sharpness of the patient’s far vision. Bioptic patients drive with their own vision carrier about 95% of the time. When using the bioptic telescope, the patient quickly glances through it to provide details such as street signs, traffic lights and far distant objects. The brief use of the bioptic telescope is much like the quick look all drivers make into their rear view mirror. Bioptic driving requires careful fitting of the system followed by extensive training in both the use of the bioptic and behind-the-wheel driver’s training.

Determining whether a visually impaired individual may become a bioptic driver requires a multidisciplinary approach. This may include the low vision specialist, physicians, driving rehabilitators, occupational therapists and orientation and mobility instructors. The process includes a number of checks and balances to rule out those patients who would not be safe, while identifying those with the potential to be a safe bioptic driver.

The BiopticDrivingUSA.com website is designed for those individuals for whom bioptic driving may offer an opportunity for greater independence and for professions in the bioptic driving field. Our goal is to provide practical information about bioptic driving from a team of professionals that have been involved daily in clinically fitting and training of bioptic drivers.The site is funded by the Low Vision Centers of Indiana, a Division of the Eye Associates Group, LLC, a nationally award winning practice specializing in low vision rehabilitation.The Eye Associates Group, LLC was founded in 1894.


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