Ernest. G.
South Bend, Indiana

Diabetic Retinopathy /Macular Edem

I was diagnosed with macular edema in October 2004. Macular edema causes the vessels in the eyes to leak blood. The ultimate effect is a total loss of eyesight. I was treated with laser surgery and injections directly into the eye to deal with the leaking of the blood vessels. In August 2007, I attempted to renew my driver’s license, but I could not pass the vision exam. As a result, I was denied my driver’s license. This greatly affected my employment since I was required to do a lot of driving. It also caused a lot of negative changes in my life that affected me greatly.

I found out about bioptic driving from Vocational Rehabilitation Services. I was initially directed to Dr. Richard Windsor, a specialist in low vision care. After his tremendous care, I was recommended for consideration in the bioptic driving program. I underwent bioptic driving rehabilitation under the guidance of Sue Henderson. Sue’s bioptic instruction was marvelous. With her as my instructor, I was later able to pass the driving test and obtain my driver’s license. This has given me my life back, as well as my independence. It is life changing, as well as life restoring! Now I can do the things that I was previously able to do. I do not have to depend on other people to take me to places I need to go. I feel like a human being again.

If anyone is struggling with a similar situation, you do not have to struggle any longer. Get into a bioptic driving program as quickly as you can and get your life back. God bless you and heal you.