Kokomo, Indiana

Stargardt’s Disease

I lost my driving privileges when I was twenty-one years old because I could not pass the eye exam at the license branch.  I have Stargardt’s Disease, and I would not be able to drive if Dr. Windsor and others did not create this program. I am twenty-nine years old now, and I have been driving with a bioptic for five years. Thanks to Dr. Windsor I am independent enough to get myself to work, around town for shopping, and other regular activities. It has made my life much easier, and my life is better because I am able to drive and be independent!

I am very thankful to those who have helped me achieve these goals that I have. Thanks to them I am allowed to use good training to become the person that I want to be- even with a visual impairment.  I believe that the program is definitely beneficial to those in need-along with the family members involved in their lives.  So, THANK YOU!