Bill V.
Elkhart, IN

Macular Dystrophy


Every once in awhile, one should take “time out” to look back over his or her shoulder to see where they have been.

I was first introduced to your Low Vision Clinic many years ago. With your medical expertise and guidance, I have been able to lead a near normal life in this rapidly advancing, technological world.

The bioptic program has allowed me to drive not only in the daytime but during the evening and also at night. As a registered nurse, the reading optics that you prescribed for me have allowed me to continue as an RN in the nursing profession.

 I am very grateful to you and your staff for giving me your utmost attention when I visit your facility each year for my “Low Vision” check up.

 What a positive difference your low vision program has made in my social life! Not only in my ability to drive to and from events, but to interact in person-to-person social gatherings.