Bruce R.
Fort Wayne, Indiana


My name is Bruce; my lack of visual acuity is due to a birth defect. My vision has not changed to a great extent since I was twelve. I was able to obtain a daylight only license at 16 and maintained that privilege through to my forties. At that time for reasons I don't fully understand I lost my driving license. I was referred to the Eye Associates, for an examination to determine if bioptic driving was a possibility. 

Doctor Windsor determined that I was a candidate for bioptic driving with night driving privileges. I received glasses and training and then went through driver's training through the State, and finally a written and driving test with the State. I was given my driver's license back and have kept it over twenty years with no problems. The staff at the Low Vision Centers of Indiana has always been willing to answer all questions and offer advice. Having a driver’s license allows me the freedom to do and go where I want, but of greater importance to me is the ability to feel I have the ability to overcome obstacles with a little help along the way. Thank you very much.