Richard B.
Veedersburg, Indiana

Stargardt’s Disease

My Name is Richard B. I am writing this statement in support of the bioptic driving program. I feel it is a real shame that people with several DUIs can get their driving license easier than people with poor vision.

I was having trouble seeing my computer at work, so I went to an eye doctor to get glasses. Then I was sent to a retinal specialist. I was sent to Dr. Steven Virata and was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease.

During this time my driving license expired and I was fired from my job, because I live in a rural area with no public transportation to work. My life came to a standstill! Dr. Virata sent me to see Dr Laura Windsor for bioptic driving.

Dr. Laura Windsor fit me with bioptics and then set me up with Therapeutic Mobility Services with Eva Richardville OTR. Training was easy, because I was already an experienced driver. I was mainly tested on how well I could see oncoming cars, signs and traffic signals. I passed, and then passed my BMV driving test.

I have been a bioptic driver for two years. I have had no tickets, accidents or problems. My life is back on track because I have my license. Now that I am a bioptic driving, I can support my daughter and myself.