Caroline B.
Huntington, Indiana

Bests Disease

Due to genetic eye disease, I have had abnormal vision all my life, but until I was in my mid to late twenties, I functioned very well. I continued to drive until I was 54 yrs old, and then I was not able to get my license again. I did not drive for three years, and then I learned of the Bioptic Driving Program with Dr. Richard Windsor.

Dr. Windsor explained the program to me. He did a complete exam to determine if I could be a candidate for bioptic driving. After I learned I could indeed use the program, Dr. Windsor then fitted me with the Ocutech (bioptic Driving Glasses) and sent me home with letters and charts , which I hung on the wall and practiced using the glasses with the chart just as I would do in driving. After a short period of time, I was referred to a driving instructor to help me learn the driving skills needed to drive with the Ocutech. After the required hours of instruction (30), I took the final test with the BMV of Indiana and was issued my driver’s license.

It has been fourteen years since I began driving with the bioptics, and my return of my independence has been a true gift to me. Most people don’t understand what a privilege driving is until they can no longer drive. I was so blessed to find Dr. Windsor and his helpful and kind staff. My long association with his practice has been a pleasure for me. I have never known of any of my eye doctors to be as knowledgeable and competent as Dr. Windsor.

From the first time seeing Dr. Windsor, until I received my license took approximately one year. The driver’s training hours required by the State of Indiana was thirty hours, and it was pleasant for the most part, but there were moments when I wondered if I would make it. My instructor was very kind and patient, so he made it easy for me as possible. I learned the “RULES of the Road” while driving with him, and it has been helpful in my life many ways.

I was given a new lease on life with the privilege of driving once more, and it was a relief to the members of my family, who had been driving me. I certainly gained a new respect for the right to drive, which most of us take for granted, I will always be grateful to Dr. Richard Windsor and his staff, and to the driving instructor and the State of Indiana, for giving the opportunity to regain my independence and self esteem through their marvelous program.