Edwin G.
Decatur, Indiana


Hi, my name is Edwin. I lost my drivers license in 1992. It had a huge impact on my family to say the least. I had two young children that were involved in sports, school projects, and our horses. It put a great deal of pressure on my wife and other family members just so I could keep my job also. I was born with my low vision so I never realized what I was missing, until I received my first pair of Bioptics from Dr. Richard Windsor. And then when I was told I could drive again it changed my outlook on life and my whole future as to what I could do and lift the burden off my family.

I have been a bioptic driver now for sixteen years without any traffic violations and still appreciate the privilege of having a valid license! The extensive training that I went through behind the wheel was well worth it and I truly believe made me a better driver. Now that my children are out on their own, and I have gone into other hobbies such as kayaking I don't worry about the burden of how I will get there. With my bioptics I am able to drive at night time also. I just don't know the words if there is any of how to say thank-you to whom all were involved in bringing Bioptic driving to so many of us who had lost the privilege of being an independent driver.