Nina B,
Frankton, IN

Macular Holes

I began experiencing problems with my eyes in 1988 and went to a specialist in Indianapolis who determined I had a hole in my right retina.  For a second opinion we found a specialist in Cincinnati Ohio who performed surgery on my left eye to remove skin which was attached to my retina trying to eliminate further damage to my retina which already had a small hole in it.  During my visits to the doctor in Ohio we learned that the State of Ohio had a program which allowed individuals with eye problems, like me, to drive.

I live in the country and driving is a must as everything is at least half an hour away and I had no neighbor who could take me or a taxi service to use.  After numerous telephone calls we found an eye specialist in Marion Indiana who handled special glasses which would allow me to drive.  After several visits to Doctor Windsor, I obtained the bioptic glasses. The Designs for Vision Wide Angle Lenses pictured at the top left, which would allow me to drive after completing behind-the-wheel training.  The next step was to select the organization where I could be trained to drive using the special bioptic glasses and also certify my training to the State of Indiana so I could get my driver’s license.

Again, several telephone calls were made and we selected Crossroads where I could begin behind-the-wheel training. I went to Indianapolis and took my driving training there. The training was for three weeks and during that time I had to drive throughout the city to experience all possible hazards.  At the end of the three weeks I “graduated” and was certified so I could get my driver’s license from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The State had recently implemented licensing to allow people like me to drive therefore; I had to take a driving test in Indianapolis and passed.  I had my driving license!  The State of Indiana has since allowed individual to take the behind-the-wheel testing with bioptic at a local BMV offices.

I am 89 years old and still drive using the special glasses. And until this year I performed the bookkeeping for two farm corporations on our computer. I have been a bioptic driver for 21 years.