David D.
Camby, Indiana


My name is David Duke. I am 31 and have been driving for 11 years. I originally obtained a TN license. I moved to Nashville to go to Nashville Auto-Diesel College right after high school. While going to school, I learned about the services available to the vision impaired and discovered I could possibly get my driver's license. After graduation and getting married,my wife and I stayed in Nashville. That was September of 1997. By the following April I was driving. I went through the training at a low vision specialist in Nashville and they put me in touch with a student driver's program. I was out learning to drive with a group of 15-year-old kids in downtown Nashville. If you can drive there, you can drive anywhere. I moved to Indianapolis in October of 2000. A local voc-rehab office put me in touch with Dr. Richard Windsor shortly after moving. Dr. Windsor is by far the best doctor I have had my entire life. I was born with lowvision. I have a form of albinism. So, I have had my fair share of doctors.

Driving for the first time was like a new sense of freedom. Not having to rely on others to drive me somewhere. Not only that, it was extremely important to my career. Being an automotive technician, I need to drive the vehicles I work on. I am now an ASE Master Certified auto technician. I have been doing so for 12 years. If not for the wonderful gift of bioptic driving my life would not be so fulfilling. I now own a very nice truck. There is something about a man and his truck.

I enjoy going in for my annual exams. The staff is made up of outstanding people. Just calling the office and scheduling an appointment and getting information is a pleasure. They are always nice and knowledgeable.

The training and tests you go through are very easy, as well as actually driving with the bioptic device. The technology is changing and is interesting to read about new developments.

Thank you to the entire Low Vision Center staff.