The VES - K

The VES–K design has been an excellent transition from earlier VES-II system to the latest VES-Sport. It is a lightweight durable system. The VES- K manual focus bioptic system incorporates Ocutech’s quality Keplerian optics, that provide a sharp edge-to-edge image and the wide field-of-view in a light weight, comfortable design. It can be manually focused. The VES- K is a monocular telescope that is fit on the better eye. The K mount allowed use of a larger frame than the original VES-II. In the K-Mount, the eyepiece passes through a groove in the eyepiece. It is a monocular system fit on the better eye. This design set the stage for the later development of VES-Autofocus and VES Sport.

We have many bioptic drivers using this system. On new fits we move up patients to the new VES-Sport, which has improved further on this excellent design.