The Ocutech Vision Enhancing System-Auto focus (VES-AF) is the first auto focus telescope system designed specifically for the visually impaired. Its high quality Keplerian optics and 4x power magnifies objects from infinity to as close as 12 inches and keeps the image immediately and continuously clear.  It is a monocular system prescribed for the better eye,

The Ocutech VES-AF's infrared autofocus can provide immediate and continuously clear, magnified vision from 12 inches to infinity. With this device, a visually impaired person can move his or her head, shift attention from a book to a person as easily and as naturally as normally sighted individuals. VES-AF can be used for driving in many states. However, the Autofocus must be set for distance (past 20 feet) then turned off since the active infrared focus would be affected by the windshield.

Computer controlled infrared electro-measure the focusing distance many times per second while another computer controls a miniature motor that moves the focusing lens to the proper position. Special software helps to insure that the focus is prompt, accurate, and stable.

The Ocutech VES-AF is worn attached to the top of an eyeglass frame, which also contains the regular eyeglass prescription. Its lightweight allows it to be worn comfortably for hours.

Research: National Eye Institute Study clinical pilot studies have been completed at four independent low vision centers with funding from the National Eye Institute and the Ontario Ministry of Health. In total, 32 visually impaired individuals were asked to rate the Ocutech VES -AF prototypes on a variety of visual tasks and compare them to their own conventional telescopic and reading low vision aids. Eighty-two percent (82%) rated the Ocutech VES-AF either "good" or "very good" overall. Of great interest was their response when comparing the Ocutech VES -AF to their own low vision aid for reading. While 56% rated their own device as "good" or "very good" for reading, 83% rated the Ocutech VES-AF as "good" or "very good." In summary, both the subjects and the clinical investigators were enthusiastic about the promise of the VES - Auto Focus.

Functional Activities: VES-AF may be helpful for viewing television, movies and theater, seeing faces, signs, blackboards in school, shopping, traveling, computer screens, desk top activities including card playing, and mid range activities such as reading music and dialing the telephone. Ocutech users have even used their systems to golf, bowl, and fish. The Ocutech VES -AF makes it easier for the visually impaired to see the blackboard in school, signs while traveling, computer screens at work and home, packages, labels and signs while shopping, and people at a distance, as well as many other applications.

Bioptic Driving: We have many bioptic drivers use the VES Autofocus system. Ocutech's latest development is the VES-Sport. With the development of the VES-Sport, however, we use the new lighter weight VES-Sport in place of the VES Autofocus (VES-AF) if driving is the only goal. Remember, you cannot use the infrared autofocus on in driving as the infrared signal would bounce off the windshield