The Telescopic Examination


A Diagnostic Telescope is used to test patientsThe low vision specialist will evaluate the potential bioptic driving patient with telescopic test lenses and various forms of bioptic systems. The doctor will determine if the bioptic will meet the bioptic driving requirements in your state and the most efficient system to meet your needs.

The doctor may test different systems to determine if you can obtained the required visual acuity with the telescopic portion and the powered requred and whether a binocular or monocular system is required.  Your visual acuity and ease of use will be noted with each system. He doctor will look at how each system will allowA technician tests visual acuity with a bioptic system appropriate control of glare.

Weight of the system can be a factor. The 4X VES Sport weighs only about an ounce while the 5.5X Beecher system weighs 3.5 ounces. However, the higher power 5.5X Beecher and binocularity of the system may be the better visual option for patients with more vision loss.

The doctor’s recommendation will be based on power needed, type of system and how the patient can efficiently use the system. The doctor will discuss his bioptic recommendation with the patient and together with the patient a final decision on the type of bioptic reached.

Bioptic systems can be used for purposes other than bioptic driving. Thus selection of the bioptic may also take into consideration other needs. We have many patients with VES autofocus. The infrared based VES Autofocus does not work through windshield thus it is turned off in driving but it can be used in many other applications away from driving. Please note the new VES Sport without autofocus has replaced the Autofocus in many patients.