Modifying Your Automobile

Often there are specific strategies that can improve your ability to be a safe Bioptic driver.  Your driver rehab specialist will work with you to customize your vehicle for maximum performance.

If you are a new driver and do not currently have a vehicle of your own that is OK. In fact your driver rehabilitation specialist can assist you in vehicle selection process that will address minimizing blinds spots and unique challenges when you are ready to consider a vehicle. Cushions that elevate you in the driver seat may be beneficial to improve your visual perspective.

A piece of fabric that can reduce dashboard glare may be fitted to your own vehicle when training is completed, to ensure adequate glare reduction. This technique will be used in the trainer vehicle if needed.


Portable window visors or glare reduction material can be fitted to your vehicles windows to assist with extreme glare in early morning and late afternoon lighting conditions.  Use of additional mirrors that can improve your ability to make lane changes by reducing blind spots. 

Specialized adaptive strategies or equipment can be installed in your vehicle to compensate for difficulty with viewing the speedometer, a common problem with bioptic drivers. Other customized devices or techniques to assist with vehicle lane alignment when problems persist.