North Dakota Bioptic Laws

Bioptics are permitted for driving and to pass the licensure test.

  • North Dakota has a complex set of restrictions based upon the visual acuity in each eye. Visual Acuity: 20/40 in the better eye, with or without corrective lenses. One eye must be 20/60 or better to get a restricted license. 20/70 in the better eye with restrictions on speed limit. Worse eye must be 20/100 or better.
  • Visual Field: Binocular field of vision 105 degrees. Binocular field of vision between 110 and 140 degrees with restricitions.
  • Bioptic telescopes are permitted to meet visual acuity standards: 20/130 in carrier, 20/40 in telescope; full peripheral field.

Last Reviewed July 2009