Kentucky Bioptic Laws

Bioptics are permitted for driving and to pass the licensure test. 

  • Visual Acuity: Must have 20/200 or better with corrective lenses, in the better eye to be accepted in a certified driver training program.  Visual acuity through the bioptic telescope of 20/60.
  • Visual Field: 120 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically in the same eye
  • Other restrictions may apply, but restrictions may be removed if the licensed driver drives for 36 months without any at-fault accidents and without any license suspensions.
  • Behind-the wheel driving rehabilitation is required.
  • The driver must successfully complete additional evaluation and training specifically designed for night driving from a certified driver training program. Night driving may be granted after night driving rehabilitation evaluation passed.
  • Program administered with Department of the Blind.

Last Reviewed July 2009